President Obama Uses the “R” Word In His Talk to Kids

I’m not an Obamaphile, but even I was shocked by the public’s reaction to the President’s talk to school children.   First I laughed when I heard some of the comments made by parents.  One father said it was his job to teach children their values, not Obama’s.  Some parents kept their children out of school.  Others accused Obama of trying to indoctrinate children with a socialist ideology.  I’ve seen more than a few Presidents in my lifetime, and I can’t recall any who were met with a response such as that.  The White House released the script of the speech to the public the day before the scheduled talk to put parents at ease.  Once again, I don’t recall any previous President having to gain public approval before addressing third-graders.  Mr. Obama urged the students to stay in school and put their best efforts into their schoolwork.  He surely struck a familiar chord with many of the students who live in a fatherless home.  And he used the “r” word:  responsibility.  He told the kids to take responsibility for their own futures.  And to that I say, Bravo!  I can just imagine how many parents are irate about introducing the word “responsibility” to their kids in our current entitlement culture.


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