Another Reason To Remember Our History

Hats off to Joseph Nichols of Bally for his admonishment of the Boyertown School Board’s decision to ban the President’s talk to school children.

As stated in a recent Boyertown Times article (“Residents against Obama Address Decision” by Rosemary Keane, Boyertown Times, September 16, 2009) the School Board has a “practice to preview materials before we utilize them with students.”  That certainly sounds responsible.  According to the same article, the Board stated that the taped speech will, most likely, “be available on the internet.” Let’s hope these guardians of our youth or some equally responsible adult, say, perhaps a parent, will “preview materials” on the internet before their child sees it.

The Board also offered that it intends to review the speech to determine if it can be incorporated into the curriculum, and if it passes muster, they will inform parents prior to its showing.

Does this scare anyone besides me?  How about the parents who expressed a desire to teach their own children a value set rather than have that of the President influence their kids?  Is it okay with them to have the school administrators choose a value set for their children?  And if it is okay with those parents, what is it about the school board and administration that makes them more suiting guardians of their child’s morals than the President?

I could never have imagined that in the same remarkable era that saw a non-white president elected to office we would also see sectors of the country opt to ban a President’s talk to school children, regardless of his race, creed, or color.

If this situation weren’t so frightening, it would be funny.  And if you think it’s not frightening, ask Joseph Nichols why he and generations before him put their lives on the line to protect our country and the principles for which it stands.   God forbid the day when no one remembers what they fought for.


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