Disney Junkies Beware

You know who you are.  You get all out of breath talking about Epcot.  You go to Disney at least once a year.  You’ve taken Disney cruises.  You go with or without kids.  You go in August.

I can’t tell you how many times and how many people have preached the gospel of Disney to me:  “You just have to go,”  “You’ll love it,” “There’s plenty for adults to do.”

Sometimes I feel like the message should be coming from a seedy looking guy in a trench coat whispering  “Pssst.  Hey kid.  Yeah you.  You gotta try this stuff.”

No matter how disinterested I am, or how many times I say, no, really, it’s not for me, the Disney junkies are relentless.  I’ve never met such a tenacious group of advocates.  And for a theme park, of all things.

Fair warning:  despite your dogged, persuasive tactics, I am equally unshakable.  I never met an amusement park I liked.  Never been on a ride that was fun.  Don’t do Florida ten months out of the year.  Do not get excited about princesses or great big mice.  So shake your head all you like.  You cannot get me hooked on anything Disney.


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