The Buzz About World Cup Soccer

Every time I got anywhere near the family room last weekend I was met with the sound of a thousand enraged stinging insects buzzing at warp speed.  First it was disconcerting.  I’d stop in the hallway to determine the source of the swarm.  I followed the creepy insect noise until I was in view of the TV.  And there it was, my friends, the World Cup.

Those who know me can tell you that I don’t hate sports.  Truth is, I don’t care enough about sports to either hate or love any of them.  But they are great pacifiers for my husband who can not only watch, but also enjoy, just about any sport.  I’ve seen him glued to Little League games, girls basketball, high school football … you name it, he’ll watch it.  So I have learned to ignore sports.  I can sit six feet away from the TV, stare straight at the picture, and envision a bathroom remodeling.

That is, until last weekend.

My only prior experience with soccer is the handful of games I attended to watch our friends’ kids compete in America’s new passion.  Like any other sport, you could say I never “got” it.  I do get the concept of “eye/hand coordination.” Personally, I have none.  Most sports require a great deal of skill in that area.  Not soccer.  The hands dare not touch the ball.  And the knee socks … well, let’s just leave it at “I don’t get it.”

As I sit in the welcome silence of my office, with only the pitter patter of little keys clicking under my fingers, I can now say that I have discovered a sport that irritates me.

After several hours of listening to the sound of fans blowing nonstop into long thin plastic horns called vuvuzelas, I began to twitch.  By Saturday evening, I was so irritated by the idiotic buzzing that I steered clear of the TV entirely.  By Sunday night, my husband knew that the sound better be turned off or I’d buzz right out of the room.

But, listen up sports fans.  For once, I’m not the only one irritated by a sporting event.

The internet is ablaze with comments from sports fans around the world.  The buzz is that the darned horns and their incessant buzzing are irritating.   And we’re talking sports fans here.  These are people who sit in all kinds of extreme weather to watch a game.  People who paint their faces.  Wave terrible towels.  Wear cheese heads.  But this time even the SPORTS FANS are complaining about the noise.

Cries of “Ban the vuvuzelas” have surfaced, and the World Cup has considered banning the horn.  Studies showing the risk of permanent damage to hearing have surfaced.  One even cautions pet owners to shield their pets from the noisy horns.

This is as close as I’ve ever come to having something in common with sports and I have to say it makes me very uneasy.  I’ll feel a lot better when the World Cup is over and the insects have left my family room.


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