An Exercise in Finding Myself

I recently joined Facebook.  How recently, you ask?  Try two weeks ago.

It took me back to the days when “finding yourself” was part of growing up.  I thought it was tough THEN.  I now have 20 FB friends.  In actuality, I would count fewer, but this is, after all, the point of social networking:  to garner as many “friends” as possible.  I come to Facebook with social networking skills which I developed the hard way:  face to face.  I don’t add “friends in common” to up my numbers.  I ask to be your friend only if I know you or want to know you.  Quality, not quantity, is still what I’m seeking.

Interestingly, as I listed my likes and interests, favorite music, books, tv, etc., I got to know something about myself.  I realized that I can better tell you who I am by telling you what I am not.  Here’s a partial list:

• I am not a bf, gf, mf, sob, or any other assimilation of acronyms.

• I am not merely the sum of my likes and interests, favorite music, books, tv, etc.

• I am not enamored of celebrities.

• I am not willing to insult, hurt, or otherwise maim anyone I call “friend.”

• I am not interested in making personal details about my life public (you’ll have to wait for the book on that subject).

All in all, I’m glad I finally came into the 21st century.  There was no kicking and screaming.  Just a whimper. And regrets for the folks who are trading in the sound of their friends’ voices for Facebook posts.


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