Why I Love America’s Got Talent

If you wait long enough, they will come:  the talented, the truly FEARLESS entertainers who will eventually stand on the stage of AGT.

Last night it was sisters Ali and Christina, ages 13 and 20 respectively, who both have cystic fibrosis.  They were told they would never sing.

They didn’t listen and the world is better for it.  These two young women took the stage with poise that belied both their ages and their experience.  When they began to sing, the audience rose to their feet.  The thirteen year old’s voice held the heart and soul of someone many years older than she.  The twenty year old’s was sweet, melodic and rich.

Judge Howie Mandell said he wished they could have whatever it was they wanted to have and I agree.  These two will probably not live to see 40 and they are more than deserving of recognition and the chance to sing as long as they can.


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