Annual 4th of July Celebration: A Shot in The Arm or A Shot In the Gut?

On Friday night, my husband and I went to a friend’s house for an impromptu cookout.  Nothing fancy, hamburgers, veggie dogs for the vegan teenagers, corn on the cob, and good conversation.  We covered topics from the oil disaster in the Gulf to the kids’ plans for the future.  It was a typical American cookout.

When we got home, I turned on the TV.  I surfed past President Obama and his wife – he in black tie and tails, she in an exclusive designer gown.  I stopped for a moment and watched Lioned Richie perform for the audience filled with politicians and other important people.  What I had stumbled upon was the Annual 4th of July Celebration at Ford’s Theatre.  About the third time the camera stopped on the President and his wife, I felt an uneasy gnawing in my stomach.

Was this TV special supposed to boost America’s spirits?  I looked at the movers and shakers in their formal wear and wondered if they were thinking about the oil gusher spewing 1.47 million gallons of oil into the Gulf Coast with no resolution in sight.  I wondered if this “celebration” made any of the nation’s unemployed workers (9.5% of the population) feel any better.

If the powers-that-be truly want to convince the American people that they are “in touch” with the population, I suggest they try a shorts-and-shirtsleeves barbecue in the backyard.


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