Boz Scaggs is Still the Boss

Last night’s concert at Sovereign Performing Arts Center in Reading was more than I expected.  I’d read several reviews of the show, some of which mentioned his rather dry approach to presenting the material.  But the show was about the material, not the banter in between songs, and Boz delivered the classics and the blues all with amazing precision. The entire evening rated more than five stars in my book.

The opening act, David Jacobs-Strain, a blues slide guitarist, started the evening.  Much to my disbelief, the audience chatted loudly through his first four or five songs.  When the audience finally shut up, the singer and his guitar took control of the room.  I’ve never in my life heard a guitar play anyone quite that way.  The artist and the instrument truly were one, and the audience finally acknowledged the young man by actually listening to the performance.

Boz was Boz.  That incredible voice still in perfect tune.  At 66 Boz is still the commanding presence that he always was, delivering the goods in extraordinary vocals and skilled guitar work.

After 14 songs, I was just getting warmed up.  I could have listened all night.


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