Barking Dogs, Dirt Bikes, and Other Annoyances

Just mention a neighbor’s barking dog and you’re sure to get a rise out of many people.  Unleash the dog and watch the dog-defenders come out of the woodwork.  Complain about their kid’s dirt bike and the gloves come off.

It’s been my experience that the supporters of annoying behavior are far more vocal than those who find the behavior irritating. Dog barking, noisy machines, loud music, dead cars in the front yard … when someone’s behavior disturbs or annoys another it seems that countless voices rise to defend the right to be annoying.

For all of you who suffer in silence, listen up.  Being a nuisance is not a privilege every U.S. citizen is entitled to.   A little consideration used to go a long way.  Now you have to go a long way to find a little consideration.  Being considerate was and still is a good quality. If you find the state where all the considerate people live, would you please email me?


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